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Updated: 02/13/2019 | February 13th, 2019

A couple of weeks ago I pointed out that this year I wanted to make the site extra private.

Back in 2011, I wrote this post featuring some private details about my life. It was a window into non-travel me. Nicely, that was a loooooong time ago. Life modifications. Folks adjust.

So I believed one particular way to make this site extra private was to resurrect this extended forgotten post and share a window into the existing non-travel me.

So let’s kick off 2011 2019 with some random details about me and my life:

1. I hate flying. I like airports, lounges, and elite status, but the act of flying tends to make me sick. I do not like heights and any turbulence tends to make me assume the plane is about to crash. I’m not a great flier. (Ironic taking into consideration how typically I fly!)

two. When I was younger, I was obsessed with Pinky and the Brain. I even had a T-shirt collection. I also had one particular of these bowl haircuts, but I choose to overlook about that truth.

three. I by no means traveled independently till I went to Costa Rica at age 23. My travel experiences up till then have been a series of road trips with my parents and a drunken weekend in Montréal when I was 19. (I also by no means went west of the Mississippi till I was 25.)

four. When I was younger, I wanted to be an archaeologist since of Indiana Jones.

five. I got seriously poor meals poisoning when I was in Costa Rica. It was so poor that I had to be hospitalized for 3 days and place on a morphine drip.

six. I went to college to be a higher college history teacher. I’m nonetheless technically certified to teach higher college history.

7. I am a seriously great cook. I do not cook a great deal on the road since I hate how hostel kitchens are not completely stocked and every person crowds them at the similar time, but as soon as in a although, I like to cook a huge meal for my fellow travelers.

eight. I employed to be a vegetarian. Immediately after reading Quickly Meals Nation, I decided to give up meat and was a vegetarian for 4 years. It wasn’t consuming meat I was against, but rather industrial farming and the chemical compounds/antibiotics in the meat that I didn’t like. I gave up vegetarianism when I began to travel.

9. I assume it is rude to turn down meals in other cultures. If you go to a village in Mongolia and you are offered meals, it is insulting to refuse. “Sorry, your standard and heartfelt cooking does not go with my dietary requirements.” It is culturally insensitive. But that is a rant for one more post.

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10. I’m a enormous fan of soul, Motown, blues, and jazz. It is way superior than any of the pop music out there.

Nomadic Matt with a lemur in Madagascar

11. If I could ever choose what time period I could reside in, I’d choose 1920s Prohibition America. I assume that would be an fascinating time to reside in. But perhaps I’ve just study The Fantastic Gatsby also a great deal.

12. Speaking of Gatsby, I discovered to swing dance so I could throw myself a Gatsby-themed birthday celebration. I did it for 3 years in a row. They have been epic birthday parties.

12. I am intensely political. Immediately after travel, politics is my second like. I reside and breathe politics, and it is the only news I preserve up with although traveling. I am normally prepared to talk about and debate the planet any time of the day and with any one, no matter how properly I know them.

13. I do not have a burning want to pay a visit to most Middle Eastern nations. There are components I want to / have visited (Dubai, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, Oman) but, as a complete, the location is low on my list of locations to pay a visit to.

14. Folks normally ask will I do this forever? My answer: I do not know. Forever is a extended time. I’d like to travel for the subsequent couple of years, but who can say what the future holds and exactly where it will take us? For now, I’m enjoying the ride and see no explanation to hang up my backpack just but.

15. I’ve been to more than 30 Dave Matthews Band concerts. I’m a super fan.

16. I’m a Japanophile. I like all the things about the culture: the meals, the history, the etiquette, the landscape, the architecture — all of it. I would consume sushi each day if I could.

17. I’m a workaholic. Perhaps since I grew up in New England, I have the Puritan operate ethic, and if I do not have operate to do, I assume anything is incorrect and produce operate for myself. Idle hands are the Devil’s playground!

18. I decided to travel just after meeting 5 backpackers in a shared taxi although on getaway in Thailand. I was so amazed at what they have been performing that the subsequent day I decided to quit my job. They have been two Australians, a Canadian, and a Belgian couple. They changed the course of my life and have no concept.

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19. I’m an unabashed Taylor Swift fan. Not only do I assume she’s an amazing businesswoman and marketer, but I also like her cheesy pop songs.

Nomadic Matt standing on stage talking at a conference

20. I’m also a enormous fan of Sia. Remarkable songstress and writer.

21. I do not play any sports nor know something about them. I couldn’t assume of something extra boring than going to a sporting occasion. In truth, I as soon as fell asleep at a hockey match.

22. I do not drink coffee. It tastes like shit to me. And I do not want to place added sugar or milk (or soy milk) in my cup of joe. Drinks really should be in a position to stand on their personal! Absolutely nothing is going to adjust my opinion on this. I’ve attempted for years to obtain a taste for it. It is just not going to come about.

23. I drink tea. Lots of it. In particular green tea. That is my drink of decision!

24. My alcoholic drink of decision is an old fashioned. A couple of years ago, a couple of pals turned me onto whiskey and I’ve been obsessed due to the fact. I judge a bar by the high quality of the old fashioneds they serve.

25. A single day, I’d like to study how to garden. I want to develop my personal meals. I like cooking and assume it is a logical step!

26. I employed to be a qualified poker player. I funded a lot of my original trip with poker winnings and lived in Amsterdam for a couple of months playing “professionally” at the casino in the city.

27. I do not consume sweets. Perhaps as soon as a year I’ll have a cookie or brownie but, for the most aspect, I do not do desserts or sweets as I do not like all the sugar.

28. I have a new book coming out in July (you can pre-order it now!). It is about my ten years on the road. Additional information subsequent month!

29. When I’m functioning, I’ll typically play one particular song on repeat more than and more than once more. It aids me concentrate since it ends up just getting white noise. As I create this post, I’ve been listening to Sweet Annie by Zach Brown Band on repeat for the final two hours.

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30. I do not have a favored colour. I have two. Blue and green!

31. In 2019, I want to take up extra hobbies. I want to swing dance extra, study French, take some cooking classes, and attempt to study how to play the piano. If I do two of these points, I’ll take into account it a effective year.


There you have it! Some entertaining details about me. Now, you are turn. Inform me about your self in the comments under.

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