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Posted: five/18/2019 | Might 18th, 2019

Irrespective of whether you are wanting to kick-begin a new profession or to just perform a brief-term job till you have sufficient cash to travel once more, teaching English abroad is an solution that makes it possible for you to do all these factors. I taught English abroad for two years and it was one particular of the ideal experiences I had. It taught me a lot about myself and the globe about me.

But how do you teach overseas?

Most would-be ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers get what’s identified as a TEFL certificate just before they start their job hunt.

But is that actually important?

This is a query I’m asked a lot (specially because I do not have a TEFL however I taught in two nations).

Can you teach English abroad with no possessing a TEFL certificate?

In this post, we’ll examine regardless of whether it is a requirement or not and I’ll give you guidelines on how to uncover a job with no one particular.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a TEFL Certificate?
  2. What are the Specifications for Teaching Abroad?
  3. Do You Require a TEFL Certificate to Teach?
  4. Tthe Ideal Locations to Teach Without having a TEFL


1. What is a TEFL Certificate?

TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language.” It is a certificate plan that teaches you the nuts and bolts of how to teach English as a foreign language. The common TEFL certificate plan will concentrate on a wide variety of elements of language teaching, which includes sensible abilities, such as how to teach vocabulary and grammar, making use of games correctly, and maintaining the children engaged, as properly as classroom management.

Most TEFL courses run from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, each in particular person all about the globe and on the internet, producing them a handy solution for any person currently on the road who is seeking to make some cash by teaching English.

Nonetheless, with so lots of centers providing TEFL instruction, the good quality (and price tag) can differ drastically from area to area.

For that explanation, just before you sign up for any certificate plan, you ought to generally study testimonials and do some study to make confident the plan you pick out is accepted about the globe. Some schools do not recognize specific instruction applications, so if you have a unique college you want to teach at in thoughts, you will want to make confident the TEFL plan you choose will be accepted there.

That getting stated, the overwhelming majority of schools will accept all certificates. It is normally just the top rated-tier schools and/or government applications that are a lot more picky.

A different critical consideration is that some schools and government applications will need you to have a specific quantity of classroom-primarily based TEFL hours. As a common rule, the a lot more classroom hours in a course, the improved that course is (and the a lot more high priced it will be). Not only will it boost your odds of acquiring hired but it will make you a improved, a lot more competent teacher.

Costs for TEFL courses variety among $300 and $two,000 USD. Courses provided in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe are frequently a great deal a lot more intensive and a lot more high priced, specially if they are in-particular person classes.

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If you strategy to teach lengthy-term, I would recommend you take a 120-hour course (the market typical), at least 20 hours of which you will commit in a classroom setting. If you are just seeking for anything short-term, an on the internet certificate will most likely suffice.

two. What are the Specifications for Teaching Abroad?

Thankfully, there are not lots of needs to get began teaching English abroad. Nonetheless, they differ from nation to nation, so you will need to have to do some study on exactly where you are seeking to teach.

Commonly speaking, to teach English abroad, it assists a lot if you:

  • Are a native English speaker from an English-speaking nation
  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Have a TEFL certificate (or a CELTA or TESOL, two other ESL certificates)
  • Have some teaching practical experience (even though this is optional)

Most jobs will need you to be a native English speaker from one particular of the following nations: the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or South Africa.

That getting stated, some nations may well employ you if you are from one more nation exactly where English is fluently spoken or if you can demonstrate specialist know-how of the language. But it will be an uphill battle, so be ready to actually show off your abilities if you are not from one particular of the above nations.

You will uncover this bias to be specially prominent in Asia. There, also getting young, white, or female are the most sought-right after qualities for teachers. Is that fair? Not actually. But it is just how the program functions, so hold that in thoughts when browsing for jobs.

three. So, Do You Require a TEFL Certificate to Teach Abroad?


Not generally.

It depends actually.

Why is that? Due to the fact just about every nation is distinctive – and just about every college is distinctive also so it depends on how higher up the meals chain you want to go!

If you do not have a TEFL certificate but as an alternative have a TESOL certificate or CELTA, you can uncover a job with no any problems. Without having any of these certifications, you will have a great deal a lot more restricted choices.

Some nations will nonetheless have job possibilities for you, but they will not spend as properly, and you will most likely have fewer hours or subpar operating situations. For instance, you can perform from household teaching English on the internet even so, the spend is not excellent and there is a lot of competitors.

And lots of smaller sized schools and language institutes do not actually care. I after knew a kid who didn’t have a TEFL or college degree and got a job at a public college in Thailand.

But the larger you go up the ladder, the a lot more restricted your choices are. International schools, universities, and higher-finish language institutes in all probability will not employ you with no one particular.

A way about this is to be a certified teacher. If you are a certified teacher, then you can fundamentally get any job you want with no a TEFL.

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But, assuming that is not the case, there are lots of entry jobs for teachers so lengthy as you have a university degree.

So, in sum, to teach English abroad, you need to have to have to be a native speaker, have a bachelor’s degree, or a TEFL (the bare minimum).

six Locations to Teach Without having a TEFL

If you make a decision you want to teach overseas with no a TEFL certificate, your choices are restricted but not not possible, specially if you have a university degree.

1. South Korea – South Korea is one particular of the ideal locations to teach English overseas. The spend is higher, the jobs are plentiful, and you get amazing rewards (such as a contract completion bonus, healthcare, totally free housing, and airfare reimbursement). You will also uncover lots of expats there, so it is simple to make good friends and uncover neighborhood. With a TEFL and a Bachelor’s degree, you can anticipate a a great deal improved salary.

two. Japan – A lot like South Korea, Japan has a reputation for very good jobs. Whilst the price of living can consume up your salary in cities like Tokyo, there are a quantity of applications (such as the government’s JET plan) that reward lengthy-term teachers with completion bonuses and generous rewards. You will need to have to have a Bachelor’s degree to safe the ideal positions, and a TEFL will give you a great deal improved job possibilities and a larger salary even though.

three. Thailand – Not surprisingly, Thailand attracts lots of young teachers with its low-cost price of living and warm, lovely climate. The spend in Thailand is not that higher (unless you teach in Bangkok or at an international college). But teaching English in Thailand is not about producing lots of cash — it is about anything else: the ease of acquiring a job, the meals, the enjoyable-loving atmosphere, the climate, and anything in among. It is one particular of the ideal destinations for young new teachers.

four. China – As China continues expanding, its need to have for English teachers also increases. As such, it is one particular of the easiest locations to uncover perform — regardless of your talent level or practical experience. No matter exactly where you go, you can uncover a position, even in saturated cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The spend can differ wildly, but this is a excellent location for new teachers to reduce their teeth and test the waters of teaching ESL.

five. Spain – Spain provides some of the ideal possibilities for teachers seeking to perform in Europe. There are lots of jobs, the government has an active plan for attracting teachers, and your visa indicates you can freely travel about Europe. The competitors has grown in current years, but there are nonetheless lots of jobs — and you can frequently teach private lessons on the side. You will not get as lots of rewards as you would in Asia or the Middle East, but the spend is nonetheless sufficient to reside off of.

six. Central America – If you are new to teaching English abroad, Central America is a excellent location to uncover entry-level positions. You can normally uncover jobs right here even if you do not have all of the recommended qualifications, even though the spend will be reflective of that. Whilst you will not make a lot of cash there, you will be in a position to take pleasure in the remarkable climate and laid-back life-style, which is a fair trade-off in my opinion!

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For these seeking to perform abroad and incorporate a lot more travel into their lives, teaching English overseas is an great solution. With possibilities in outstanding destinations, competitive salaries, and the capacity to discover new regions of the globe, it is no wonder that this job market place has been booming in current years.

Irrespective of whether you are seeking for a new profession or just a brief-term job to support you travel a lot more, teaching English abroad can support. Positive, it requires some preparation. But the rewards are properly worth the work.

Not only will you get to reside out your dreams of seeing the globe, but you will also be giving youngsters with the abilities and know-how they need to have to succeed in their future. And that is a worthwhile reward in and of itself.

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