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Posted: 7/13/2019 | July 13th, 2019

Supplying pristine nature and access to the Amazon rainforest, historic cities and colonial architecture, and lots of inexpensive meals and activities, Brazil will have some some thing for each and every traveler.

A common location for revelers hunting to celebration challenging at Carnival as effectively as a hot spot for adventure junkies and beachgoers, Brazil is a nation identified for its wonderful climate and pristine landscapes.

But is it secure?

Brazil has a reputation for getting a rough and tumble location, 1 exactly where travelers need to have to be further cautious and on their guard at all instances.

Due to increasing inequality, however, this is the case. Petty theft and street crime are a popular occurrence in Brazil. The crime price in Brazil has been on the rise for several years now (it was up just about 50% amongst 2015 and 2016) so travelers right here will need to have to be on vigilant

But that does not imply you really should keep away from the nation. You just need to have to be a clever traveler. Millions of individuals pay a visit to the nation each and every year and do not have a issue. As extended as you stick to the recommended security recommendations, you will reduce the likelihood something terrible will come about to you!

Right here is almost everything you need to have to know to keep secure and make the most out of your subsequent trip to Brazil.

Table of Contents

  1. 13 Security Recommendations for Brazil
  2. Is Street Meals in Brazil Secure?
  3. Is the Tap Water in Brazil Secure?
  4. Are Taxis in Brazil Secure?
  5. Is Brazil Secure for Solo Travelers?
  6. Is Brazil Secure for Solo Female Travelers?


13 Security Recommendations for Brazil

To support you keep secure in Brazil, right here are 13 recommendations that will preserve each you and your possessions out of harm’s way:

1. Stroll with goal – When out exploring, often stroll with goal. Appear like you are heading someplace in certain, even if you are not. Pickpockets and muggers appear for travelers who are unsure of themselves. Do not appear like a target.

two. Do not carry money – Carry only the minimum money necessary for the day. Retain the rest locked up back in your accommodation.

three. Separate your cards – If you have extra than 1 credit or debit card, preserve them separate. Bring 1 with you for the day (if you feel you will need to have it) and leave the other 1 locked up in your area. That way, really should some thing come about, you often have at least 1 card.

four. Do not bring valuables to the beach – When you go to the beach, do not take something unnecessary. Towel, bathing suit, and a smaller quantity of money. That is it! Something else you bring is most likely to disappear!

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five. Dress to match in – When out and about, dress down and attempt to match in. Leave any valuables or jewelry at residence. Do not stroll about flashing your camera or telephone. If you need to have to use them, be discreet.

six. Carry a spare wallet – Bring a spare wallet with a smaller quantity of money in it. That way, if you get robbed or pickpocketed they will not get your genuine wallet (exactly where you will preserve the rest of your money and cards).

7. Keep away from outside ATMs – If you need to have to withdraw money, only use ATMs inside buildings. Normally be conscious of your surroundings prior to you take out your wallet.

eight. Double verify your accommodation – No matter exactly where you are staying, be positive to verify the doors and windows prior to leaving for the day and prior to settling in at evening. Do not leave something worthwhile lying about your area lock almost everything up.

9. Do not accept absolutely free meals/drinks – Under no circumstances accept drinks or meals from strangers. Drugging victims prior to they are robbed is popular, so decline absolutely free meals or drinks from strangers.

10. Watch out for distractions – Thieves will typically attempt to distract you prior to they rob you. Be mindful of this popular scam to support you keep vigilant.

Do not stroll about at evening alone – If you have to, keep away from city beaches, parks, and empty streets.

11. Take precautions when driving – If traveling by automobile, often preserve your doors locked. By on guard at quit indicators or red lights, in particular at evening. A lot of Brazilians will not even quit for them to keep away from the danger of a carjacking. Obtain travel insurance coverage prior to you go just in case you run into problems. It is often superior to be secure than sorry!

Is Street Meals in Brazil Secure?

Yep! You will come across all sorts of wonderful street meals stands in cities like Rio as effectively as close to the beaches and you’d be missing out if you didn’t attempt them! Just make positive to stick to areas exactly where there are a lot of locals gathered. That is how you know the meals is not only secure but scrumptious as well!

I’d recommend avoiding something with shrimp of seafood as it spoils rapidly. But certainly attempt the mate as it can be rather refreshing (it is served as an ice tea and is seriously excellent).

For the most aspect, you will encounter areas that sell different sorts of meat. As extended as it is totally cooked and hasn’t been in the sun all day, dive in and give it a attempt!

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Do not hesitate to ask your hotel or hostel employees for street meals or restaurant ideas as well. They’ll no doubt have some scrumptious — and secure — selections for you to attempt.

Is the Tap Water in Brazil Secure?

The water in Brazil is commonly secure to drink, although most Brazilians nevertheless use filters or drink bottled water. The tap water commonly has some thing of an odd taste, due to the purification approach, so even though it is fine for brushing your teeth, it can taste odd if you are just drinking it when you are thirsty.

If staying in a hostel or Airbnb you will most likely have access to a filter but it is often a excellent notion to bring your personal as effectively. Lifestraw and Steripen are two wonderful items to support preserve your water secure and potable.

Are Taxis in Brazil Secure?

Taxis in Brazil are secure and plentiful. They use meters as effectively, although it is often a excellent notion to ask your hotel or hostel employees for an approximate fare prior to you head out. There are often a handful of terrible apples who will attempt to rip you off, so just be positive to spend interest to the meter and make positive it is not increasing abnormally rapid.

Also, it is often greatest to get in touch with your taxi in advance. Under no circumstances flag a taxi on the street (this is in particular correct at evening).

Is Brazil Secure for Solo Travelers?

Brazil is secure for solo travelers, although I would only recommend solo travelers pay a visit to right here if they have some knowledge traveling solo currently. By following the recommendations above, solo travelers will be in a position to have an wonderful time in Brazil even though staying secure.

If you are concerned as a solo traveler, attempt to meet-up with other travelers at hostels. Traveling with each other, you can preserve every other organization and deter any possible petty theft or robberies.

Is Brazil Secure for Solo Female Travelers?

Brazil faces genuine problems of poverty and crime so solo female travelers will need to have to be on guard. This is not a location for new travelers and I would only recommend solo female travelers pay a visit to right here if they are seasoned solo travelers. Even then, you will want to make positive you take each and every precaution that you can.

Verify with your hostel or hotel employees to come across out if you really should keep away from any certain places. Also, understand as significantly as the nearby language as you can so you do not stand out.

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So, is Brazil Secure?

Brazil is an wonderful, vibrant nation. But it is not devoid of its dangers. Travelers right here will need to have to be on guard and preserve their wits about them. Petty theft and muggings are popular, but if you stick to the recommendations above you really should be in a position to have an outstanding pay a visit to even though nevertheless staying secure.

Trust your gut, use popular sense, and make positive you have complete travel insurance coverage. Do that, and you will be in a position to keep secure in Brazil have a memorable pay a visit to to this energetic nation.

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Book Your Trip to Brazil: Logistical Recommendations and Tricks

Book Your Flight
Come across a affordable flight by employing Skyscanner or Momondo. They are my two preferred search engines since they search web-sites and airlines about the globe so you often know no stone is left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld. If you want to keep someplace other than a hostel, use as they regularly return the least expensive prices for guesthouses and affordable hotels. I use them all the time. My preferred hostels in Brazil are:

  • Discovery Hostel (Rio) – This award-winning hostel has almost everything the spending budget backpacker wants: a complete-equipped kitchen, patio, lounge, and tons of social activities. It is a wonderful location to meet other travelers!
  • Geckos Hostel (Florianopolis) – This ec-friendly hostel is powered by solar panels and has a rustic charm to it. They have a pool and lots of area to lounge and loosen up. It is a wonderful hostel for chilling out and soaking up the sun.

Do not Neglect Travel Insurance coverage
Travel insurance coverage will guard you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It is complete protection in case something goes incorrect. I under no circumstances go on a trip devoid of it as I’ve had to use it several instances in the previous. I’ve been employing Planet Nomads for ten years. My preferred organizations that give the greatest service and worth are:

  • Planet Nomads (for everybody under 70)
  • Insure My Trip (for these more than 70)

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Seeking for extra data on going to Brazil?
Verify out my in-depth location guide to Brazil with extra recommendations on what to see, do, expenses, approaches to save, and significantly, significantly extra!