Matt Kepnes on a bridge over a canal in Paris

Posted: six/12/2019 | June 12th, 2019

The finish is right here. Soon after 4 months in Europe, I head house tomorrow.

When I came to Paris earlier this year, every person asked if it was forever.

And, when I mentioned I wasn’t certain, folks would reply, “Oh, so you are not genuinely moving there, huh?” — as if to say that only a forever and ever move is a genuine move.

But I did move right here. This is exactly where my stuff is. This is my house (even if it could possibly only be short-term).

In my globe, there’s no such factor as a forever and ever move.

I have no job that keeps me anyplace in unique. No boss to get in touch with me into the workplace and say, “Matt, we’re transferring you to the Paris workplace. Pack your bags. We got your visa. You are there for the subsequent 5 years.”

No. I get to taste the milk just before I obtain the cow.

My time right here was generally an experiment: could I reside in a city I loved so a lot? Would day-to-day life in Paris be as magical as travel in Paris?

No matter the answer to these inquiries, I generally had to leave for the summer season. Books and conferences do not launch themselves!

So will I come back? Did I like Paris so a lot that I’m prepared to make this the spot exactly where I place down my roots?

When walking via the Luxembourg Gardens not too long ago, I realized two points:

1st, I do not miss New York City. I haven’t believed about NYC in a extended, extended time. I genuinely am more than living there.

When I miss my good friends and neighborhood haunts, I do not miss the noise, crowds, or quickly-paced life-style.

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I’ll generally have a location for NYC in my heart.

And I will stop by usually.

But my time living there has genuinely come to an finish.

As I’ve alluded to a lot of occasions, I want to settle down. I’ve been a leaf blowing in the wind extended sufficient, and it is time to plant roots.

These days is my birthday.

I’m thirty-eight years old.

My subsequent move is the move. One particular that has to final longer than a handful of months. I do not want to restart my life any longer.

So, is Paris that location? Do I genuinely want to settle down and attempt to reside right here? Sign a lease? Get residency visas and a bank account? Start out paying taxes right here?

Paris has come to be my tiny respite from the globe. A city that comes alive at evening when the cafes overflow with folks, the site visitors disappears, and the orange glow of the streetlights tends to make the city appear mystical.

I loved living right here. This city inspired me. I’ve slept much more, eaten much better, wrote much more, study much more, and relaxed in strategies that I haven’t in years.

I’ve gotten into a good routine right here, produced a handful of good friends, and frequented my boulangerie so a lot I do not even require to order any much more. They know it by heart.

I’m sadder than I believed I’d be about leaving. These final handful of days have produced me melancholy. I’m genuinely going to miss it!

But, as a lot as I like – and will miss – Paris, this is not my forever and ever city.

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It does not really feel like house the way other areas have.

It was what I necessary when I necessary it.

But it is not my house.

Alternatively, my thoughts goes continually goes back to 1 location: Austin.

It calls to me.

More than and more than once again.

There I can get space, nature, good climate, and land. It is my Goldilocks city.

So I’m moving back to Austin.

I haven’t second-guessed that selection as soon as.

Which, getting a Gemini and all, implies it is in all probability the ideal 1.

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