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Posted: three/21/2019 | March 21st, 2019

It is been specifically a single month considering the fact that I moved to Paris.

For the duration of that time, it is been nonstop wine, cheese, brasseries, influencer meetups, trendy social events, writer salons, museums, picnics, and late-evening jazz concerts.

It is been a whirlwind of adventure and romance.

Just I imagined it would be.


It hasn’t been that way at all.

I just created that up.

Life right here has been the precise opposite of that (although that sort of fabulous life style does sound like entertaining).

I arrived immediately after a considerably-delayed flight, plopping my jetlagged self into bed and not waking up till the following day. From there, I met my a single Parisian pal and her good friends for some wine and cheese. That small outing to a park turned into a late-evening wine fueled bar crawl that ended at some ’50s-style American sock hop. (Seriously. I couldn’t think it. Right here I am, in a bar in Paris, and folks are dressed up and dancing like it is 1953. It was sort of outstanding.)

But, immediately after that wild evening, life slowed to a crawl.

I spent my initial week right here settling in: I got a SIM card, saw a plethora of apartments (and lastly picked a single), signed up for French classes, and attempted to catch up on perform. (I believed about joining a fitness center but, in paperwork-loving France, you need to have a doctor’s note saying you are match adequate to join. I’m told most folks do not comply with that rule but, for now, I cannot be bothered.)

Soon after that initial week, I moved into my new apartment, went to some meetups in hopes of generating good friends, and flew to Berlin for ITB, the biggest travel conference in the globe.

Upon returning to Paris, I came down with a terrible cold and spent the final week inside my apartment attempting to recover. Just when I had hoped to hit the ground operating, life had other suggestions.

Now, as I hit my initial complete month right here, I’m lastly feeling far better (and thanks to spending so extended inside, I’m pretty caught up on perform).

The timing couldn’t be much more excellent. The climate is having warmer and sunnier once again. More than the subsequent couple of weeks, I start off hosting a plethora of guests, which will lastly get me out of my apartment and exploring the city much more. (I’ve lined up a lot of activities, which are fundamentally the museums, tours, and shows I’ve but to see, so my good friends are going to get a pretty off-the-beaten-path appear at Paris.)

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The stunning historic architecture in Paris, France

Life right here is pretty distinct than what I imagined it to be.

In my head, I imagined hitting the ground operating. I imagined completely scheduled days balanced with perform and play, which includes common French classes, meetups, sightseeing, meals tours, and nights out. I imagined myself like Owen Wilson’s character from Midnight in Paris exactly where I just wander about town and stumble into this action-packed life.

But, as an alternative, my time right here has been equivalent to when I moved Bangkok exactly where I spent considerably of my early weeks there alone playing video games, discouraged that life just didn’t “happen” to me.

It took a extended time to discover my groove in that city.

But living in Bangkok taught me two factors:

Initial, life just does not occur. Sitting at my kitchen table carrying out perform is not going to show me life in Paris. Neither is going to the identical co-functioning space.

This initial month has gone by the in the blink of an eye, and, with only 3 much more left to go, I know I have to make the most of every single single day.

I need to have to go out and make point occur. I need to have to be much more proactive in carrying out factors.

But, when I assume of some of my motivations for coming right here — to escape the rapidly pace of New York City, to create much more, to unwind, to sleep, to be healthier — I understand that, by these metrics, my initial month has been a good results.

I’ve completed all these factors.

Yeah, it would be good to reside this life I picture in my head. But what I genuinely want is specifically what I’ve been carrying out.

Now I really feel settled in and prepared to take on the city.

So, although, I’m 25% of the way by means of my time in Paris, I nevertheless have lots of time left to achieve the other factors I want to do.

I didn’t come right here in hopes of establishing a new life.

I came right here for a fresh start off and to attempt out what it is like to take a genuinely extended vacation to a single of my favorites cities in the globe. To no longer be just passing by means of but rather to peel back some of the layers of the onion that is Paris.

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No move to a new spot is ever going to be uncomplicated.

Mainly because the second point living Bangkok taught me? If I can make it there, I can make it anyplace.

Bangkok showed me that I could be self-reliant and independent. It showed me that I could adapt to something.

I’ve completed this ahead of.

And I can do it once again.


I’ve been having a lot of queries about my time right here, so right here are some answers to for any one asking yourself:

1. How did I discover an apartment so immediately?
I got fortunate. An individual on Twitter connected me with somebody who rented out apartments. And obtaining a decent spending budget permitted me to discover a spot faster. I was going by means of some agencies and seeking at Facebook groups and Le Bon Coin (French Craigslist), but that private connection created it a lot a lot easier.

Obtaining an apartment right here in Paris is tough even for the French. It is a extended approach filled with a lot of paperwork. The way New Yorkers speak about the price tag of an apartment is the way folks right here speak about acquiring an apartment. It is the initial subject of discussion, as a way to bond with strangers.

two. Are you studying French? If so, exactly where?
I was taking French classes at Alliance Française but, disliking the classroom teaching style, dropped out and hired a private tutor. I’m also studying through podcasts and Duolingo.

three. How are you meeting folks and generating good friends as an expat?
There’s a bunch of expat meetup groups I’ve joined, and I began hosting my personal meetups. I am also reaching out influencers primarily based in France. But if you know of any cool Parisian locals, let me know!

four. I heard you are operating walking tours. Is that accurate?
Yep! I began operating my personal historical walking tours. You can sign up right here. I have place up the schedule by means of the finish of May possibly. I do them when a week and they’re cost-free. Come join! If a date is complete, join the waitlist. A couple of folks usually finish up canceling!

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Book Your Trip to Paris: Logistical Ideas and Tricks

Book Your Flight
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Book Your Accommodation
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  • three Ducks Hostel – This hostel has a single of the least expensive bars in the city, and it is just a 10-minute stroll to the Eiffel Tower.
  • Les Piaules – Great chimney lounge, a cool bar, and a rooftop space. It is a excellent spot to meet folks!

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