May 10, 2012

So, we had our meeting with the Dr. Fant (Heather’s breast surgeon, who she absolutely loves) this morning to talk about the first findings of her pathology report.  Dr. Fant sat down with Heather, Paige, Dr. Chuck and I for about two hours. She diligantly went through where the cancer started, how it formed a tumor and what she found when she removed the lump. She drew pictures for us and tried to explain to us the best way she could what was going on in Heather’s body. She discussed treatment options, but only breifly because we do not know exactly what type of breast cancer Heather has just yet. We do know she will have to go through at least six weeks of radiation which is an every day treatment. The amount and type of Chemotheropy will be determined based on the type of cancer she has. Given that she is so young, she has that many more years for the cancer to return as apposed to a 60 year old woman who may only have 20 years for the cancer to return. So really it is best to treat the cancer as agressively as possible to assure this doesn’t come back later in her life.

Of course we were filled with questions and we took lots of notes but that day was a blur as well. Heather’s immediate concern was if we were going to get to go on vacation on the 22nd. Dr. Fant knew how much this meant to Heather so she got to work booking Heather different test as fast as she could.

We went straight to the Doctors building and met with Heather’s radiologist, Dr. Fravel. She had additional mammograms on both breast and an MRI. Dr. Fravel made sure we got in immediately so we can speed this process up as fast as possible. He has called and checked on Heather and I every day. We are so lucky to have the doctors we have.

All test were clear today. There were no red flags, extra lumps to be concerned with, lymph nodes appeared normal, etc.

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1 Response to May 10, 2012

  1. Amy Goff says:

    I’m so glad I found this site! I’ve been reading your blog and there are so many things you went thru that I’m facing now. I was diagnosed abt 6 weeks ago with invasive ductal carcinoma. Also the her2nue. And it’s 40 percent hormonal I don’t remember which hormone it is. And Dr Fant is also my surgeon! And she really is amazing! ! Thank you so much for your story! I am only 36, I hate that this has happened to anyone else. But it’s good to know there are people out there that knows what I’m going through.

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