I kept having this reaccuring nightmare where I saw my brown curls laying on the floor. Having to loose my hair is one of the hardest part of this entire process for me. So I thought it might ease the pain of having to shave my head if my hair was a color I wasn’t used to…. like blonde. So when Carrie, at Salon Scarlet, said she would LOVE to do this for me I jumped on the opportunity.

I had a little moment yesterday morning where I cried my eyes out saying bye to my brown hair. I honestly thought I was going to back out. However as soon as I walked into Scarlet I was greeted by Mrs. Fuller and an entire spread of food and wine!

Thanks to everyone who made my day so special yesterday! Thank you Carrie for my new do and thank you Lindsey for my new face! Again, I am amazed at how lucky I am to have the friends that I do!









XOXO heather


About georgiajames

Business girl. Designer. Artist. Wife. You can find me in my studio, driving all over town, or at home with my dogs -- always with my phone in hand. Also addicted to blogs, photography, diet coke, and making things happen.
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4 Responses to NEW HAIR!!!

  1. Heather, I LOVE it!!! You are gorgeous, both brunette and blonde. 🙂 Love you, miss you, thinking of you and praying for you all the time!

  2. Rara Dawg Rhodes Berry says:

    You might be the prettiest blonde I know. But I’m not going to lie… That last shot of your brown hair sitting there ab to go blonde got me good. Took my breath away. Can’t wait to see you… love you & d dawg

  3. Charlotte (Nanny) Eagle says:

    I think you look beautiful! And I think it was so nice of your friends to do this for and to make it such a “special” day! Remember, if you need me for anything I am as close as the phone!
    Love, Nanny

  4. Sarah Greer says:

    You look fabulous and you are so stinkin pretty that you could pull off anything. You’ll look stunning throughout this while process! A friend of mine that went through breast cancer at 26 now has her ponytail back and rocks it through the back of her pink race for the cure hat! You’ll do the same! Praying for you!

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