Today was the day we have had circled on our calendar for the past month.  Heathers first round of chemo treatment.  As expected, she was extremely nervous, not really knowing whether it was going to hurt or how exactly she would feel afterwards.  It is something we have been ready to get here, so she can begin the long road of recovery.

To help try and keep her mind off of it for a little longer, Jacob Slaton, one of our High School classmates and extremely talented photographer, let us come into his studio and have him shoot some “before” chemo shots.  This helped tremendously with keeping her mind off of going to chemo later this morning, she was full of smiles and laughs, which is all I was hoping for.  Thanks again Jacob!  We look forward to coming back by for the next phase!

Her chemo treatment was supposed to start at 9:20 this morning.  11:00 rolls around and we are finally taken up to the chemo “room”, which is a large open space with a bunch of recliners.  A very chilling space to walk into and have to spend 3-4 hours at a time.  We were supposed to have a private room, since it was her first treatment, however, they over booked first time patients and since her treatment was later than the others, she lost her spot.  They did set us up in the back corner where it was less crowded and we could be to ourselves.  

The nurses up there did a great job of explaining and making sure we understood the side effects of the chemo drugs she would be receiving.  For those of you wondering about her chemo drugs, she was given Adriamycin (aka Red Devil/Dragon) and Cytoxan.  They started with three rounds of nausea medicine, which took about 1.5 hours and then began the chemo drugs.  In all, once they began the medicine, it took about 3 hours before she was able to leave.  She was able to get some work done during this time though:

And thanks to Brooke and Rachel for some live entertainment!

When she got home late this afternoon, she was feeling good and the chemo drugs hadn’t really taken effect yet.  After an hour or two she began to feel slightly nauesas and was able to take a nap and rest up a bit.  She does feel better now that she ate some dilicious dinner brought to us from the Wilsons!  Thanks Karson and Philip

We will try and keep everyone posted on how the weekend goes.  We have been told that is when the worst of the nausea will set in.  She does have to go in tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday for her Neupogen shots.  This is the shot they give her to help boost her white blood cell count.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind calls, texts and messages.  We do read them all and it means the world to both of us the support our friends and family have shown us.

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5 Responses to JUNE 14, 2012 – FIRST ROUND OF CHEMO

  1. Laura Baxter says:

    You look like you couldn’t have handled this any better! What a wonderful example you set for others…keep smiling!

  2. Kristen Seiter says:

    Just wanted my favorite couple ever to know
    Am thinking about y’all. You have been in
    My prayers all day

  3. marti margrave says:

    You have no idea who i am…and this is a crazy set of events that lead me to your blog! My dear friend, Sherry B., put a request on Facebook and ended the entry with “fight fancy”! Since i have never heard that, i decided to google it and, lo and behold, your blog appeared!!!!! This IS a small world!!!!! Fight fancy, Heather, fight very fancy!!!!!!
    hugs…Sherry’s friend, marti
    ps i’ve asked Sherry to give you her pink boa, which i think is very appropriate for a fancy fight!!!!

  4. Lauren Martina says:

    You are beautiful!!!! So happy things went well. You are such an inspiration girl!!! XOXO Lauren

  5. Gretchel Lubi says:

    This is the first time reading your blog. I found it while reading Laura Price’s blog. I am going to have my first chemo on Tuesday and having that horrible feeling again, nervous and anxious. I’m 30 yrs old and was shocked to be diagnosed at this age but reading through your blog gives me relief and the feeling of not being alone.

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