Today was Heathers 3rd round chemo!  But more importantly, it was her 29th birthday!  As it will definitely be a memorable one for reasons out of our control,  she made it Fancy and fun!  Her mom had cupcakes for the nurses and other amazing chemo patients that were there to help celebrate her special day!  I was only able to stop by at lunch to see her, but when I walked in one of the first things I noticed were her oh so stylish shoes.  Of course she would!

Last night we had what we like to call a little “Wiggin’ Out Party for Heathers birthday.  Her friends came prepared to WIG out!  All her friends came decked out in wigs with names to match, some of which should probably never be worn again…PAIGE! Everyone came to have a great time and celebrate the birth of an amazing women.  Special thanks to Carrie and Rachel for all their help in pulling this off!  All of you really did help make her night extra special!  And it made both of our morning, seeing the pictures of some of you sent us wearing your wigs out on the town later that night!


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  1. Beth Fults says:

    Heather you are beautiful with or without hair. Love you as a blonde! Might want to think about keeping that one. 🙂 Stay strong.

  2. Betsy Meacham says:

    I still remember the day you were born!! What a sweet baby, you were my first love!! So many sweet memories of you! Eg…Uncle John calling you Medusa or sucking your middle fingers while holding mommies panties?? LOL! So glad you were born! I love you!!

  3. marti margrave says:

    Sherry Booles missed this???!!!!!!???? It’s so, so Sherry!!!! She and Laura did post a birthday greeting for you on FB. Happy birthday from Tennessee, Fancy Lady!

  4. Mike Jarvis says:

    I am very worried about Derrick! But actually he does look good i that wig!
    Mike & Terri

  5. Janis Wilson says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Heather ….As You Know The Very First Time I Met You I Told You How Beautiful You Are and I Still Say You Are Beautiful Inside And Out …Know That Iam PRAYING For You As You And Your Family Go Through This Trial In Your Life…GOD Bless You….Janis Wilson<3<3

  6. Cathy Bateman says:

    Happy birthday and many blessings. Hug Risa for me.

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