AUGUST 9, 2012

Today went well. It was Heather’s fifth treatment and she started a new chemo drug, taxol. The doctor said the overall affects would be easier than the previous chemos so this weekend should hopefully be better as far as recovery goes. Heather did get a little nervous today during treatment because her nurse told her most side affects occur immediately and they would have to stop the chemo if that happened. But as always, she did great and didn’t have any side affects! So she gets to continue treatment as planned. No fluids this week since we switched chemos. So hopefully that’s the end of the headaches as well. She goes in tomorrow for her regularly scheduled nuepagen shot. New chemo means new side affects so we will lay low and ride out the weekend.

Oh and thank you Rachel for bringing Heather a squirt bottle w a fan. Its perfect for those hot flashes she’s been talking about! She couldn’t be happier.

Thank you all for the kind words and prayers as she continues to fight this.

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