AUGUST 29, 2012

Heather and I met with the breast surgeon today. We went to get a final game plan for what happens next, now that she is almost done with chemo. She is going to move forward with the double mastectomy, which we expected to hear today. This part has been difficult for Heather. It’s as if The changes to her body she has had to go through weren’t enough, now she has to go through this.
She has two more chemo treatments and then in late October or early November, she will undergo the surgery. On a brighter note, we did find out that she will NOT have to go through radiation treatment!! The doctor said there would be no need for radiation treatment since her lymph nodes came back clear. This is awesome news considering Heather was preparing for 6 more weeks of treatment after her chemo.

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2 Responses to AUGUST 29, 2012

  1. Beth Mason says:

    You two are two of the strongest souls I know…and though I knew you would “grow up good “….and I have always loved you so and believed it you…now I know you are the strongest essences of those you come from…you not only have the best of all that your families have given you…you have taken that and moved it forward….and you give it back to the world…more openly than those that came before you….And this is good…


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  2. Rara Dawg Rhodes Berry says:

    My friends my friends. Such great news about radiation! Gosh that makes me smile!! What a summer…phew. Praising God for carrying you guys and using you to inspire so many in the years to come. I don’t like the double M part bc I know it makes you super sad. So ugh to that bit of news. Now hmmmmm how’s about Rara come to chemo next week?!?!? Yessssssas

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