Recovery Update

Just wanted to give an update to those of you who we have not talked to. Heather is still recovering at home from her surgery. She is doing very good, still has a little uncomfortable on the left side of her chest. She was a bit more mobile this weekend than she was last week. She made the trip out to Miracle Wiff, for about an hour which is a charity event myself and a group of guys put on every year.

She is still having to work on her breathing every hour or so, to make sure she doesn’t catch pneumonia. She is getting much better at it and its not hurting her chest like it was the first couple of days.

All in all she is recovering nicely. She has had a cough the last couple of days, so we are watching that to make sure nothing else develops.

We go tomorrow to meet with her surgeon, we are hoping to get the second drain out. As good as I have gotten at emptying that thing, I’m ready for it to be out almost as much as she is!

She is still going to be out of touch most of next week with her work stuff, just to help get a full recovery, so if you have tried to contact her (or do) and she hasn’t gotten back to you, just know she will as soon as she can.

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes.

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1 Response to Recovery Update

  1. seagrove says:

    That is great news Derek. I know she is glad it’s you emptying the drain

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