The past couple of months I have had the satisfaction of saying… “Heather, I have more hair than you”. Well I’m sad to say that is coming to an end.


To update on Heather, she is still at home taking it easy. She woke up from surgery with a sore throat. The tube they put down her throat to breath left her with a scratchy voice. We had the ER doctor check on it last night to make sure it wasn’t pneumonia, he said since she wasn’t running a fever he wouldn’t worry about it. He didn’t hear anything in her lungs, it was all in the upper part of her throat.

We did have to go to the ER last night for her to get a shot because she has been having BM problems…that’s all I think I’m allowed to say or she’ll kill me. She is on an all liquids diet today. Her doctor is having her drink Gatorade and miralax all day. Yummy.


We had an appointment with her surgeon today and he wasn’t comfortable taking her second drain out, but he did take her stiches out. The drain should come out wed or Thursday. She says the drain coming out makes her feel like a new woman! So we are looking forward to that!

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  1. Erica says:

    Ohhh, hang in there honey! I know what you’re going through…trust me. Blech. The pain meds are so helpful but can be so brutal in other ways:/ Thinking of you today!

  2. Brooke Wallace says:

    Way to go, heather!

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