I went to Dr. Moffett, my plastic surgeon, today. During my mastectomy he put spacers in to help expand my chest. In six months I will be able to have what they call a replacement surgery. The spacers come out and implants go in. Today I had my first “fill” to make my chest a little larger. I was terrified it was going to hurt so bad. A needle stuck in the center of my breast pumping me full of saline doesn’t sound fun. My heart was beating so fast and I kept asking the doctor if I needed to be put to sleep for this. Amazingly, I didn’t feel a thing! It was great! I am a little sore tonight and my chest feels like it is about to explode, but hey, I’m a cup size bigger!


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Business girl. Designer. Artist. Wife. You can find me in my studio, driving all over town, or at home with my dogs -- always with my phone in hand. Also addicted to blogs, photography, diet coke, and making things happen.
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5 Responses to TMI?

  1. Rachel says:

    I was scared the first time too but it really is easy I hope you’re doing better now post surgery !

  2. Risa Owens says:

    It’s all down hill now. You have done so awesome through everything so far so just sit back and let them pump them up!!! DD’s here we come!!

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Rara Dawg Rhodes Berry says:

    Can I go with you next time. We could have fun with this Hattie cat meowwwwww

  4. Paula says:

    You are so inspiring! =)

  5. seagrove says:

    Sounds scary but encouraging all at the same time. Thank you for keeping us in the loop

    Sent from my iPhone

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