My post yesterday about my Zolodex shot got a lot of responses from fellow cancer buddies. One friend said “only super heroes should get that shot” And I agree. Its the real deal yall. Seriously – look at this shot. This is what shoots a bead in my stomach!

syringe shot



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6 Responses to THE SHOT.

  1. Scott Mason says:

    That’s just wrong! So sorry you need that and not just once-over and over again.
    Aunt Scott

  2. Erica says:

    Ok, seriously I am so glad I am done getting those shots! I never looked at them though, because my husband would say, “Ohhh honey…just don’t look at it…” So I never got up the courage to! He wasn’t kidding when he said it was HUGE. They hurt so bad 😦 But since I ended up having a total hysterectomy as part of my treatment plan, I only had to have 3 of these little gems. Hang in there, sister! I feel your pain…literally! ❤

    • georgiajames says:

      oh man. I don’t look either. I don’t know why I think that helps the pain but it does. I looked the first time and haven’t ever since! I am on shot number 3. I have to have them every three months for 5 years! yikes!

      • annesfight says:

        Is this instead of taking Tamoxifen??

      • Erica says:

        I would have had to also, but since the hyst got rid of my lovely estrogen-producing ovaries, that meant no more shots. Are you on an aromatase inhibitor? I’m on Femara for 5 years (or plus some if doc so chooses to leave me on it).

  3. That really is one big needle isnt it… I never got a picture of it. But I remember it was big. I had 4 shots in total. But luckily I always had them right after chemo so I was super high on Ativan and Benadryl and really could care less that I was getting it. lol. My chemo nurse was super sweet and insisted on me icing my stomach before it every time. We both laughed because we knew it was more for her benefit than mine. We called it “The Harpoon”

    Some wicked hotflashes from this too hey!?

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