We have been looking forward to this day for quite some time now. We are at the airport now flying out to LA and are spending the week visiting family, going to a Lakers game, going to the Ellen show and finishing our trip up with one of our best friends wedding in Ojai, CA. This is our first trip together since Heather was diagnosed in May, so we are really excited. We hope to keep the blog updated during our downtime, I’m sure Heather will be posting plenty of pics on her Facebook and Instagram, but we will work getting them on the blog.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a great New Year!!!


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2 Responses to LA – HERE WE COME

  1. Frazier, Pam says:

    Derek…..I’ve been emailing Heather trying to get your federal tax I.D. number…..the company I work for is going to make a $2000 donation in January but they need that number. Can you get it for me?

    Thanks Pam

    Pam Frazier CF PLANT CITY TRAFFIC DEPT 813-364-5622 813-783-1686 FAX 863-430-3215 CELL PFRAZIER@CFINDUSTRIES.COM

  2. Rara Dawg Rhodes Berry says:

    Y’all forgot to pack me in your suitcase!!!!!!!!!!!!

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