This might be one of my favorite blog post. I met Julia a few months ago at Arkansas Children’s Hospital where she was getting chemotherapy. She is 14. Fourteen. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in the middle of high school, when you are supposed to be worrying what you will wear to school, cheer practice and boys. Instead Julia is having to worry about much larger things like chemotherapy, radiation and probably the worst part: hair loss.  She has told me many times how much of an inspiration I am to her. When in reality, she is who I aspire to be. She full of joy and always positive. We were texting this morning and she said “I could have never shaved my head if you hadn’t.” My heart melted and I got tears in my eyes. We are all one big cancer community who share a unique bond. I am so happy to call these girls friends. Meet Julia:

julia bio


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Business girl. Designer. Artist. Wife. You can find me in my studio, driving all over town, or at home with my dogs -- always with my phone in hand. Also addicted to blogs, photography, diet coke, and making things happen.
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10 Responses to CHEMO GIRLS: JULIA

  1. Beth Mason says:

    Great post


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  2. Colleen says:

    What an amazing girl!! This definitely brightened my day. I just got home from the hospital after having my tissue expanders replace with silicone implants. I was diagnosed at 35 with Stage 1 BC and had double mastectomy in October. I really enjoy reading your updates!!

    • georgiajames says:

      How are you doing now? I can’t wait to get these expanders out! They hurt so bad every day!

      • colleen says:

        I am a little sore but it is nothing compared to the double mastectomy. The soreness feels like I had a really hard chest workout at the gym. My bandage comes off on Friday and I am really anxious to see the final result. The one temporary downside is I am a stomach and side sleeper.I just got comfortable sleeping with the expanders and now I am back to sleeping on my back. I know that shouldn’t be a big deal and it is only temporary, but it is annoying. The surgery itself was only an hour and I was home by the time Ellen started:)

        I really admire the work you do with Fighting Fancy. I am trying to find a way in which I am able to pay it forward.

  3. Marti Margrave says:

    this is really, really, REALLY an affirmation of the Fighting Fancy Survivor Spirit!!

  4. Brittany Cordero says:

    I just happened to stumble over this from where someone had shared it on my Facebook newsfeed! I am so glad that I did! I too was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January of 2011. I was 18 at the time. I am currently in remission, but I completely understand what Julia is going through! I just want to tell Julia that she is an amazing and strong young woman! Though it may not seem like it now, cancer is a blessing in disguise that will prove to yourself and to everyone else just how strong of a person you truly are! I will keep Julia in my thoughts and prayers! You said it best. We truly are one big cancer community with such a unique bond!

    Brittany Cordero
    Arkadelphia, AR

  5. tbyerley says:

    I never cease to be amazed how God supplies exactly the moment you need. it. I saw my doctor today and was overwhelmed by everything. I have many unknowns but have ovarian cancer that is either stage 1c or stage 3c and very aggressive. Biggest fear and challange…losing my hair. This article helped me so much more than I can say. Exodus 14:14 is now on my wall

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