For months people have been asking how they can help and I didn’t really know what to say. Well, now I need your help and I know just how you can do it!!!

In honor of sending out my 100th bag and my upcoming event with UAMS Cancer Institute, I am hoping to get 100 sponsors in 30 days. This sounds crazy right? Just think about it… We each know someone, some company, a connection we may  have with someone who is able to donate $1000 to be a sponsor of Rock the Runway. Being a sponsor not only gets you tickets to the fashion show and a killer media package with Little Rock Soiree,  but it will give money to Fighting Fancy to be able to supply over 1000 chemo bags a year to women getting chemotherapy at UAMS!!

We came up with this idea while we were sitting at Easter lunch. I was trying to see who all I could ask for potential sponsorships. When you take a look at the sponsorship levels they are intimidating. I was getting overwhelmed thinking of who I could approach this week. Then my aunt said “why not just find 100 sponsors to donate $1000.” Instant silence. We all sat there trying to decide if that was harder than the first goal or just downright genius. Well ladies and gents, I think its genius!

So here is the challenge, send this out to everyone you know. Repost and repost. Why do we have to just think locally? Think big! Think friends, the company you work for, those doctors who helped save your life, or your moms. Spread the word about what Fighting Fancy is and how the money will help give bags to so many other women continuing to fight! I know we all know at least one person who can make a $1000 donation. So lets spread the word! Please help me make this goal a reality!

What does it take to be a sponsor? To see the sponsorship form click HERE. Fill out the form and send the completed form to me at Or you can mail me the form at 10 Cascade Creek, Little Rock, AR 72223.

For those of you who don’t know what Rock the Runway is… it is a New York inspired fashion show on June 20 that will be held at the newly renovated Savoy 1620. Check out the website for more information on the event and to purchase a ticket for yourself go HERE. Tickets are already selling quickly so don’t miss out on this fun event! The swag bags given out to each person is worth the ticket price alone! Don’t miss it!!!!

If you have any questions please ask me or my co-chair Allyson Pittman. If you need either one of us to come and talk to you, your boss, your client or contact just let us know and we will be there! Allyson’s contact information is

Below are some pics from our press release last month.



Group shot

Ready, set, get sponsors!!!!!




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6 Responses to HOW YOU CAN HELP

  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    Heather, I will be getting with you Tuesday about a sponsorship! Jennifer Smith

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Beth Mason says:

    I agree to be number 100…..I think that would be the greatest way ever to honor my niece and her fantastic cause….so now let’s find the other 99

  3. Mary Ann Mizell says:

    Heather, I would love to sponsor your event. I will be sending you a check. My daughter, Katherine Mizell Crow and I will be attending ! You are doing a fantastic job and we are so proud of you !

  4. You are AMAZING! Count me & Little Rock Gynecology & Obstetrics in as a sponsor. I’m downloading the form now! This is a brilliant idea and I love when bright young women dream BIG! I can’t wait until June! : ) : )

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