I am going over all the applications sent in this week for Fighting Fancy bags and I am always in tears, laughing and proud of these women whose stories I get to read. I can’t stop thinking about one girl in particular, Kirsten Greer. In September of 2012 her husband and her got the news they had been waiting for a while to hear: Pregnant! In January she found a lump….. On March 1, 2013 their worst fears came true when they found out that Kirsten in deed has breast cancer (Grade 3, Triple Negative). At 27 weeks pregnant, Kirsten made the decision to start four rounds of chemo. Her first four treatments are Adriamycin and Cytoxan. (Two of the most aggressive chemo’s to get, trust me, I had four rounds of this as well) She is three chemo’s down and one more left until she gives birth to her new baby girl. Kirsten will then have four more treatments of chemo, a mastectomy and five weeks of radiation.

What amazes me about Kirsten is her spirit and ability to make the most of this bitter sweet situation she has been put in. I have been very open with how bad I want children and the possibility that I most likely won’t be able to give birth myself. But to finally be pregnant and THEN learn you have Breast Cancer. Wow. I can’t even imagine. Kristen, I think you are an amazing woman with a strong will to fight for yourself and that sweet little girl! I will be following your journey! To see Kirsten’s full story you can follow her blog at How cute is that? Seriously.

Now meet Kirsten…. You would NEVER guess what she is going through. I told you she is awesome.

Kristen Greer




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