Recovering from surgery is well… A real bitch. My new implants actually feel amazing. Not sore at all. It’s like I never had surgery. I can raise my arms, move like normal, no bruising… 100% better than the expanders. And then there is my stomach…. I had extensive scar tissue on either side of my stomach from the drains from the mastectomy. You could almost see the formation of where the drains were with the naked eye. It’s had bothered me ever since my last surgery so the doctor removed my scar tissue and made the scars from the first drains a lot smaller. The bruising and pain from that is UNREAL. As my friend Suzanne put it “you look like you have been hit by a car.” And I feel like it. Every time I stand up I feel like my stomach is going to fall out through my stitches. When I walk I hold onto my stomach, not my chest, for fear it will literally fall off. Good news is, recovery for this is a lot quicker than standard breast implants and I should be back to sleeping on my stomach in no time! Which if you have every heard me complain about my spacers… you know sleeping on my stomach again is my ultimate goal.

For now sitting up is even a challenge. I work a bit at my computer and then have to lay flat on my back and email from my phone. I have been trying to cut out the pain pills but then I sit up to fast, feel like my stomach is literally on fire, and burst into tears. So… Pain pills it is for just a bit longer.

As if surgery wasn’t enough for us last week, Derek and I decided to move into our new house as well. Here is how the past week has been…
TUESDAY, MAY 7: surgery, stay in hospital
WEDNESDAY: get released from hospital
FRIDAY: move
SATURDAY / SUNDAY: move and unpack
MONDAY: try to work and end up violently throwing up… so back to bed rest (my body was clearly giving me the middle finger) so after sleeping all afternoon I persevered and worked until 10. Then unpacked again….

This brings us to to today. Scan day. Today was supposed to be my first set of scans to see if the chemo worked. I was scheduled for a CT of the head, chest, abdomen and pelvis. As well as a bone scan. My oncologist nurse called me this morning to tell me that my insurance wouldn’t pay for my scans so we are having to postpone them until we can figure something out. This is a huge disappointment. I want to be positive and know I am cancer free but without those test to prove it it’s just a phrase I’m hoping is true. For anyone who has been through chemo you know what I’m feeling. Any lump, bump, bruise, ache, cough or anything abnormal you think is cancer. The truth lies in those scans. It’s just one more thing to make me sleep better at night. If any of you chemo girls have dealt with this same insurance problem and have some advice please let me know!

I do have a follow up appointment with my surgeon at 2 today. I’m hoping I can get my stitches removed and I can use my new Jason International Hydrotherapy bath created to help heal and sooth patients going through chemo and various surgeries. I’ll have to do a separate post on that. It’s pretty amazing.

Then at 3 the movers are coming again to move the rest of my belongings. Never a dull moment at the Owens household!

Thanks to everyone who has been checking on me and special thanks to my aunt Beth and Katie who packed and moved me Friday and Saturday! Now that’s a good aunt and friend!

Now, if anyone would like to borrow Pitkin for the day and take him for a walk he would greatly appreciate it. He is so bored and won’t stop following me. Everywhere. Everywhere I turn he is there. Here are a few pics to show you what I mean…..






With me being “handicap” I can’t help pit on the bed. He doesn’t understand. So he keeps going from side to side trying to get my attention….



Someone save me from this creep!




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1 Response to FIRST SCANS…

  1. seagrove says:

    Ok I was really engrossed in your recovery description until I saw your PITiful dogs face. He is grieving. Please go to the butcher and get him the best bone ever.. Enjoy your new home!!

    Sent from my iPhone

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