On May 9, 2012 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At age 28, I felt thrown into a world I had deemed only for old people. On top of that, cancer can strip us of what makes us feel beautiful. Hair loss, weight gain and hot flashes are just a few side affects of having cancer. I created a bag of products that make me feel beautiful and give me hope as a chemo patient myself.

Fighting Fancy is a non profit organization providing chemo bags to young women 15-39 with breast cancer. Bags include the heart tank and necklace I wear each chemo, beauty, dental and hair products I found helpful during my treatment. All things to keep us women feeling strong and Fighting Fancy!

Each bag is valued at $200. If you would like to donate items for the bag or purchase a bag to give another young lady, see pledge form HERE. Checks can be made out to Fighting Fancy and sent to 10 Cascade Creek, Little Rock, AR 72223.

If you are recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and ages 15-39, or you know someone who you would like to nominate for a bag, please fill out this application and email it to fightingfancy@gmail.com.

ff bags update march 2013


20 Responses to ABOUT THE BAGS

  1. Trish Irvin says:

    Hello Heather, I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and I’ve already had my surgery which was a lumpectomy on Aug 16th; I’m going in next Wednesday to get my port and start kemo the same day. I met your Uncle Jimbo and he is a nice gentlemen and said to tell you hi. I am so scared going threw this all alone. My husband had left us here recently because it could take me having cancer; my family lives 6 hours away. I hope it gets better for me and good luck to you . You are a very beautiful girl.

    • Sheree says:

      My husband and friend were great but let me tell you the ones who helped me the most were my Pink Sisters. If I had a bad day or wanted to cry my eyes out I knew they truely understood what I was going through. Please fill free to email me and I will give you my cell if you ever need anything, a laught, cry , prayers, here for you!
      Much Love in Christ,

  2. Sheree says:

    Heather what type of Breast Cancer do you have? I have triple negitive. I was just wondering because you are taking the chemo pill for five years which type they give that to? Thank you for sharing your story! I know you have blessed many by doing so. God Bless you and keep you!
    Sheree Fagan

  3. I saw your story on the news tonight and looked you up. You are so cute! And I love the name of your blog, and your heart to help people going through a tough time in their fight with cancer. I thought I would comment because I have known a number of people that have had cancer in my life…one of them the cooperating teacher I taught under…she was so upbeat and happy and I called to find out how she was doing several years later and found out she had died…of all days I found this out on my birthday!
    The real reason I thought I would write you is that I read this book recently called Doctors Who are Curing Cancer by Suzanne Somers. I just happened across it in Barnes and Noble, bought it and read it last year. In the book it tells about amazing doctors out there curing cancers with huge success without chemo. I thought you might like to read about it. One of them is named Dr. Burzynski (hope I spelled that right) He is in Houston, Texas and he uses something called antineoplastons (sp?) to cure cancer. He does a test to see what is missing from your blood or urine and builds a specific formula to fight each person’s cancer…not a one size fits all approach. He is just one of the doctors. I found him on facebook and was amazed that he responded when I wrote to him…I would think that a doctor would be too busy. The amazing thing! He has been curing cancers since the 90′s without all of these side effects that chemo gives you. Maybe you could tell some of the young ladies about him that you are giving your bags to and helping?
    I have a blog too called teacherblogspot.com…of course…I am a teacher 🙂 .

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  5. Megan Burgeis says:

    I received my bag today. Wow do I have a big smile on my face! Thanks for thinking of me during my fight against breast cancer. I know my labor & delivery nurse, Jaime, nominated or bought the bag for me. What a sweetie! She was there 3 1/2 years ago helping me bring my twins into the world. Now she’s here for me again! My daughter loved helping me pull all the fun stuff out of the beautiful bag. She said Mommy, ” it’s a heart purse!” Thank you again! What a wonderful thing you are doing.

  6. cheriluv says:

    I received my amazing Fighting Fancy bag okay. Couldn’t have arrived at a better time… Made my day! Thank you Heather, u truly are an angel! Means more than you know. Fight on! Xo

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  8. Fighting Fancy:

    I’m so inspired by how far you have taken these bags. The day you sent mine I was going in for my hysterectomy. The items in the bag were thoughtful and fun. You took your stupid dumb journey through breast cancer and are making it an inspiring helpful empowering journey for others. Heather, you touched me and Jill so much, you inspired us to do Bravery Bags! You are giving hope to warriors and we can not wait to start passing out the bags. I am so happy we connected and I am so proud to call you my warrior sister. I hope everyone takes a minute and checks out your page https://fightingfancy.com/ and helps you in your mission to help others. I use my bag for the gym so every time I work out I see that there is a warrior fighting fancy while I am brave.

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  10. Kathy huff says:

    My boss who is an rn is going through chemo next week and she has spent her life helping others and now we want to help her through this

  11. Geoffrey says:

    Why are the bags age specific? Are women over 39 years of age beyond the point of needing/caring about beauty and dental care?

  12. Sarah Jones says:

    Hi Heather, my aunt was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and I would like to send her a bag. She is over the age of 39, but if I’m willing to fully fund it could I order one for her? Many thanks for what you do.

  13. Tasha says:

    I’m 39 and I found my lump, December 2014, and was diagnosed with stage 2a triplw negitive Breast Cancer, March of this year, due to issues with my insurance . I just recieving my port June 2nd and my first Treatment Yesterday June 4th. It started out well, I thought, but by the time I got home I was very I’ll with nausea and vomiting. It was a very bad night but I have faith I will get thru this. I feel the worst part is not knowing how it will affect you. Once I get that under control, I’ll feel much better. I thank you for having a place to help women like me and where I can many others can tell their story, in hope of helping someone going thru the same or close to what they are.
    Thank you

  14. Tasha says:

    I received my box yesterday and I was so excited, I had a bad night and it was a great pick me up. Thank you so much for thinking of me and for the thoughtfulness that you have created with this site. I know that’s it been hard with the loss of a dear friend. I thank you ever so much for continuing to push for all that you help and reach with your site, with your story. Your support is so greatly appreciated, that words can not express the graditude I have and I know many others have for you.
    Thank you for showing me, us how to be fighters ,survivors 💗💪

  15. I am 36 and diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I had my surgery a full mastectomy and I will be starting chemo in a few weeks.

  16. Kristina Cuestas says:

    I requested a fighting fancy bag a log time ago. By a long time ago I mean over a year I am not understanding why I have been looked over for well over a year. Maybe I will get it soon….???? I have stage 4 triple negative breast cancer and DCIS. I have had 5 surgeries and I am going in for my sixth one on the 29th of January. I had a bilateral mastectomy in 2017. I still have a long road ahead of me.

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