Today was a special day. A day to check something off my bucket list. A day to live out my dream of winning publishers clearing house and getting to hold a life size check with my name on it. I didn’t win the lottery but I felt like it as I stood there and received my $17.5K check to Fighting Fancy.

Today, Allyson Pittman presented checks to UAMS Cancer Institute and Fighting Fancy at a press conference held at UAMS. We were able to raise a total of $80,000 with a take home of $40,000 to be split between both organizations. The money will be used to fund Fighting Fancy bags given to UAMS female cancer patients. Fighting Fancy tanks, t-shirts, koozies and cups will also be available in the gift shop at UAMS.

We also announced today that Rock the Runway 2014 will be on June 19 at the new Cache Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Little Rock. Save the Date!

Here are some pictures from today. Thanks again to everyone who made Rock the Runway happen!





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This time last year I was in the middle of surgery getting a double mastectomy. I don’t think I slept at all the night before. Chemo is one thing, but having both breast removed was by far the most terrifying part of my journey. It’s easy to say,”they are just boobs. Take them off!” But for me, the scars that remain in their place are so much more than just boobs. They are a daily reminder of where I have been, where I am now and what I will continue to battle.

My breast surgeon came in my room at 5:30 that afternoon. She said with tears in her eyes “well Heather, we didn’t find cancer remaining in either breast. I’m proud to say you are cancer free.” I was surrounded by family who burst into applause, laughter and tears. It is a moment I will remember forever. TODAY, I’m proud to celebrate ONE YEAR CANCER FREE!!!

Here I am one year ago today. I’ve never been so happy to be in so much pain!


This picture makes me so happy! My family all loaded into the elevator, all smiles, as we get to leave the hospital CANCER FREE!


Thank you all for following me on this journey. I can never express how loved and thankful I feel today. God is good!



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Tomorrow is Race for the Cure: Little Rock! If you are on team Fighting Fancy or just going to be in the area, we will be in front of Tropical Smoothie on Broadway. We are setting up a table at 6:30 am and will be there throughout the race. Hope to see you tomorrow!!!



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I have to start this post by thanking Laura Lanier. This day wouldn’t be possible without her. She is a sensor at Episcopal and she put this day together, by herself. She made it all happen and I couldn’t be PROUDER!

Today is PINK OUT for FIGHTING FANCY at Episcopal!!! The Episcopal Collegiate School is a private school in Little Rock with grades pre K through 12th grade. Today they could pay a $1 or more towards Fighting Fancy to wear pink instead of their uniform. I went by the school this morning and was so excited to see all the students in their pink and the to see all the Fighting Fancy donation forms on the walls and windows!





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I told you about jewelry designer and fellow survivor, Erin Hassler, a few blog post ago. Erin designed a bracelet for cancer survivors and all proceeds go to Fighting Fancy! Well, the bracelet is featured in OK Magazine this week!!! I just got my copy yesterday! To get a bracelet of your own go to




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Anyone who knows me knows I am borderline obsessed with my high school, Pulaski Academy. I went there from age 4-18. I still know every cheer I ever did and I would go back to high school tomorrow if I could. You get the point: I’m a bruin for life. Last year PA honored me with my own day! Pink out for Fighting Fancy! Everyone is given the option to pay $1 or more to wear pink and all proceeds go to Fighting Fancy. They also made shirts to sell and the football team wore pink jerseys. They raised $6000!! Today is that day again, PINK OUT FOR FIGHTING FANCY!!!! I will be wearing my shirt to work to show my support!




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One of the best parts about having Cancer (yes, there is a good side) is meeting so many amazing women. These women make what I am doing, look average. They are strong, ambitious and determined to make the most of the situation given to them. One of the amazing women I have been introduced to, via social media, is Erin Valley-Hasler.


Erin is a jewelry designer from Oregon. She is a mom of two, wife and a breast cancer survivor at age 32. She approached me last year about making a necklace for the Fighting Fancy bags and I can’t wait to show you all what she has designed! (that’s coming on a different post) This post is about the very special Breast Cancer bracelet Erin has created exclusively to raise money for Fighting Fancy. The bracelet is $82 and made of 14K Gold or Sterling Silver. Perfect for survivors or anyone wanting to show their support! Here is the MOST EXCITING PART… Erin and the bracelet will be featured in OK magazine this month! Congrats Erin! To see more of Erin’s designs and to order a bracelet of your own click HERE.


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